Yom Hazikaron 2020: Remembrance Amid the Coronavirus Restrictions with Avichai Peretz

April 27, 2020PAST EVENT

Tomorrow marks “Yom HaZikaron”, a memorial day for Israeli fallen soldiers and civilian victims of terror.

Throughout the day, many families visit the resting places of their loved ones and gather to remember. This year, however, this will not be possible, due to coronavirus restrictions.

Yesterday, the “Our Brothers” project initiated “Connect2Care” – an online platform for bereaved families to commemorate and connect with friends and strangers, despite the restrictions.

Avichai Peretz, the brother of Uriel and Eliraz Peretz, both of whom died while serving in the IDF, will talk about “Connect2Care” and its importance at this time. He will also share stories and memories of Uriel and Eliraz.

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