What to Expect From Prime Minister Bennett’s First Meeting With US President Biden: Expert Panel on Israel, the US, Iran and the Changing Middle East With Col. (res.) Eldad Shavit and Dr. Raz Zimmt of the INSS

August 26, 2021PAST EVENT

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has arrived in Washington, where he will meet with US President Joe Biden for the very first time since both entered office.

Col. (res.) Eldad Shavit and Dr. Raz Zimmt will analyze the importance of this meeting, topics on the agenda and significance moving forward.

Col. (res.) Eldad Shavit is a Senior Research Fellow at the INSS and an expert on Israel-US relations, as well as on the complexities surrounding the United States’ role in the Middle East . Prior to joining the INSS, he served as assistant for assessment to the chief of the Research Division of the IDF Intelligence Corps. Shavit was also the head of the Research Division in the Prime Minister’s Office. Prior to that, he served as head of the intelligence unit at the Office of the Military Secretary to the Prime Minister and Defense Minister.

Dr. Raz Zimmt is a research fellow at the the INSS and the Alliance Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University. He also works at the Doron Halpern Middle East Network Analysis Desk at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. Additionally, Dr. Zimmt is editor of “Spotlight on Iran,” which is published by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.

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