Israel-Jordan Relations On the Verge of a Diplomatic Crisis – Phone Conference with Former Israeli Ambassador to Jordan, Dr. Oded Eran

October 31, 2019PAST EVENT

The Jordanian Foreign Ministry’s decision to recall its ambassador to Israel in protest against the detention of two Jordanian citizens came amid tension between the two countries, 25 years after they signed the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Treaty.

Yesterday, the Jordanian authorities arrested an Israeli citizen for crossing the border. Dr. Oded Eran will address the current crisis and its implication on the diplomatic relations between the two countries and other related issues.

Dr. Eran, is a senior research fellow at the INSS, following a long career in Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government positions. He served as Israel’s Ambassador to the EU, Israel’s ambassador to Jordan and as head of Israel’s negotiations team with the Palestinians.

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