Taliban Taking Over Kabul: What Next? with Col. Richard Kemp, Former British Commander in Afghanistan and Brig. Gen. (res.) Yossi Kuperwasser

August 16, 2021PAST EVENT

The Taliban has swept into the Afghan presidential palace. Then, President Ashraf Ghani flew out of the country. After 20 years of US control over Afghanistan, it appears that the Taliban is now in charge.

What are the possible ramifications for the US, Israel and regional stability? What should Jerusalem learn from the steps taken by Washington? How will the international community deal with the new reality of the Taliban evidently being in control of Afghanistan?

Richard Kemp and Yossi Kuperwasser will discuss recent developments and their implications.

Richard Kemp is a former British commander who led troops on the front lines of some of the world’s toughest hotspots, including Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans and Northern Ireland. He is now a writer and media commentator. Kemp is an expert on security, intelligence, counter-terrorism and defence issues.

Brig. Gen. (res.) Kuperwasser is an Israeli intelligence and security expert. He is the Director of the Project of Regional Middle East Developments at the JCPA. Kuperwasser previously served as the head of the research division in the Israel Defense Forces Military Intelligence Division, and was Director General of the Israel Ministry of Strategic Affairs.

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