Olivier Rafowicz and Lior Nadivi on July 4, 2022 Spoke About the Shireen Abu Akleh Investigation

July 4, 2022PAST EVENT

Oliver Rafowicz and Lior Nadivi spoke about the misleading information in the Shireen Abu Akleh case and the missing details needed to draw a complete conclusion from the investigation. They also pointed to the situational elements that made the case inconclusive.

Col. (res.) Oliver Rafowicz was spokesman of the IDF branch for international media and the Northern Command. He was the head of the Jewish Agency delegation in Paris and author of three books.

Lior Nadivi is an expert in crime scene investigation, identification and comparison of weapons and ammunition, and in the calculation of ballistic trajectories. He has 15 years serving the Israeli Police and was the head of the forensics department in a Jerusalem district.


Photo Credits to Al Jazeera Media Network.

Olivier Rafowicz and Lior Nadivi (July 4, 2022)

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