Mysterious Explosions in Iran: Will Israel Be Attacked In Retaliation? With Ms. Sima Shine of the INSS

July 6, 2020PAST EVENT

A series of mysterious explosions lit up the Iranian sky over the past couple of days.The most recent ‘incident’ targeted a building that was being used to produce centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear site.

According to reports, Israel is believed to be behind the recent attacks.

Ms. Sima Shine will discuss the latest developments and the probability of an escalation on the Iranian front, amid growing pressure from SABA and the UNSC.

Ms. Sima Shine is currently the head of the Iran program at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

For most of her career, Ms. Shine served in the Israeli Intelligence Community. Her last position was Head of the Research & Evaluation Division of the Mossad. In this capacity, she was in charge of the production of both daily and periodical evaluations on Middle Eastern and international issues, led security and intelligence dialogues with various counterparts in the international community, and was involved in political-military meetings with decision makers. After her retirement from the Mossad, Shine served as Deputy Head of Strategic Affairs in Israel’s National Security Council and then served in the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, where she was responsible, inter alia, for the Iranian file and was deputy Director General.

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