Tuesday, February 19, at 2PM – Easing Adoption Restrictions for LGBTQ Parents

February 19, 2019PAST EVENT

The Minister of Welfare, Haim Katz, announced a new reform that will enable LGBTQ couples to adopt children with less restrictions than before, including the independent request for recognition of joint parenthood, at a cost of hundreds of shekels only, even before the birth of the child.

The reform will now enable LGBTQ couples to avoid a long, costly and cumbersome adoption process, and hundreds of couples who have been waiting for years to recognize their parenthood and children have already been given a year-long window to regulate it according to the new lenient criteria.

On the schedule:

  • A joint briefing by Mr. Etai Pinkas, active council member of the Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality and leader of the Israeli gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community and Ms. Michal Eden, Israeli lawyer and leading activist for LGBTQ rights in Israel.
  • TBC – A spokesperson for the Minister of Welfare, Haim Katz.

Etai Pinkas is a leader of the Israeli gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual community. Pinkas served as chairman of the national LGBTQ association in Israel and was a member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council and advises the mayor on LGBTQ affairs. Pinkas is an active council member of the Tel Aviv Jaffa municipality (representing the Meretz Party).Michal Eden is an Israeli lawyer and a leading activist for LGBTQ rights in Israel. From 1998 to 2003 she served as a member of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa City Council on behalf of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Meretz party, a social and political activist affiliated mainly with the feminist and LGBTQ struggle.

 The event will take place at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, 111 Arlozorov St,Tel Aviv- Jaffa

A bus will leave from MediaCentral’s office, 7 HaRav Kook St, Jerusalem at 12:30PM sharp!
For transportation from Tel-Aviv, please contact Mayan – 054-6782337 


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