Israel-UAE Agreement: Start of a Domino Effect? With Dr. Nachum Shiloh

August 20, 2020PAST EVENT

In a historic move, Israel and the UAE have agreed to normalize relations. Which countries around the Middle East could be next? How will this agreement affect Israel’s relationships with the moderate Arab Sunni world?

Middle East and Gulf States experts Dr. Nachum Shiloh will discuss the possibilities and conditions necessary for other countries to follow the UAE’s lead.

Dr. Nachum Shiloh is the founder and CEO of GlobalOsint, with over 25 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, producing and analyzing open source intelligence for a wide variety of clients worldwide. Dr. Shiloh holds a PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from Tel Aviv University, specializing in the Persian Gulf and Yemen. Dr. Shiloh writes, interviews and lectures on issues related to the Middle East and business intelligence in various forums in Israel and around the world.

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