The Rising Antisemitism in Europe and the US

January 21, 2019PAST EVENT
As the International Holocaust Remembrance Day approaches, Dr. Laurence Weinbaum and Mr. Ido Daniel will address the worrisome incline of antisemitism in the US and Europe – both on and offline.
Antisemitism has become increasingly common in Europe and the USA, with 90% of European Jews that claim that antisemitism is worsening in their home country. Antisemitic incidents in the US are continuing to surge to 57% in 2017, the largest increase since 1979.

Dr. Laurence Weinbaum and Mr. Ido Daniel will map out the most noticeable changes in antisemitism and why they are happening, what the Jewish communities around the world and in Israel have been doing to combat the phenomena, and will address if there is a way to influence this hateful trend that is making it’s way back into public opinion.
Dr. Laurence Weinbaum is the Director of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations at the World Jewish Congress. During his years with the WJC has written and edited more than 100 studies and policy papers on a broad range of issues concerning world Jewry.  Dr. Weinbaum has taught courses on the history of the Holocaust at the Ariel University for about 15 years..
Mr. Ido Daniel is a digital strategy expert and the former Director of ISCA – Israeli Students Combating Antisemitism, the world’s largest initiative dealing with online racism, Antisemitism and Holocaust denial. Ido is a commentator and a public speaker, focusing on the issues of public diplomacy, cyber-hate, human rights and the connection between social media trends and hate crimes. 

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