Turkey cuts ties with Israel – Analysis with Dr. Alon Liel

May 5, 2024PAST EVENT

The “Iron Swords” war broke out in the early morning hours of October 7—fifty years and one day from the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The number of Jews killed was the most on one day since the Holocaust and Israelis have witnessed atrocities that they never thought would be repeated. MediaCentral was the first to help foreign journalists in the country get updated on what exactly was going on with a Zoom conference just hours after the war erupted. We have continued to follow the resulting military operations and have assisted the more than one thousand reporters who have been sent to the region to cover the events.

May 05: Turkey cuts ties with Israel – Analysis with Dr. Alon Liel

Turkey announced over the weekend that it would suspend all trade with Israel. How will this affect imports and exports between the two countries? How will this impact future relations between Israel and Turkey?

Former Israeli head of mission in Turkey, Dr. Alon Liel, discussed Erdogan’s decision to cut ties with Israel.

Dr. Liel served for almost 30 years in the Israeli foreign service in different positions, including: Ambassador to South Africa, Consul General in the southeast of the USA, and Charge D’affairs (head of mission) in Turkey. He also served as Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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