Never Again is Now: Holocaust Survivors Speak

January 26, 2024PAST EVENT

The “Iron Swords” war broke out in the early morning hours of October 7—fifty years and one day from the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. The number of Jews killed was the most on one day since the Holocaust and Israelis have witnessed atrocities that they never thought would be repeated. MediaCentral was the first to help foreign journalists in the country get updated on what exactly was going on with a Zoom conference just hours after the war erupted. We have continued to follow the resulting military operations and have assisted the more than one thousand reporters who have been sent to the region to cover the events.

Jan. 26: Never Again is Now: Holocaust Survivors Speak

The atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th have reminded many Israelis and Jews around the world of the horrific events of the Holocaust. The number of Jews~ killed on that single day, was the largest ever, since the holocaust.

Michael Kuperstein,( 82) – a holocaust survivor, the grandfather of Bar Kuperstein (22), who was kidnapped from the Nova music festival in Re’im. Bar was one of the staff members working at the party where he also volunteered as a paramedic. His grandmother managed to reach him by phone, shortly after the barrage of rockets began. He said they are starting to leave the premises. That was the last contact they had. Witnesses later said that when the shooting began, instead of fleeing for his life, Bar chose to help treat and evacuate the wounded. His aunt later found a video released by Hamas, showing Bar lying on the ground with his hands tied behind his back. The family has not received any sign of life since.

Yosef Avi Yair Engel, son of two holocaust survivors. Yosef is the grandfather of released hostage Ofir Engel (17) who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists from his girlfriend’s home at Kibbutz Be’eri. Ofir was kidnapped along with his girlfriend’s father Yossi Sharabi (53). The two were held hostage together until Ofir’s release after 54 days. On January 16th, it was announced that Yossi was murdered by Hamas after 102 days in captivity. His brother Eli Sharabi remains in captivity.

Yosi Shnaider, third generation to holocaust survivors, cousin of Shiri Bibas (32) who was kidnapped from her home in Kibbutz Nir-Oz with her two sons, Ariel (4) and Kfir who was only 9 months old at the time. Kfir is the youngest hostage in captivity. His 1st birthday was marked on January 18th across the country and abroad in various somber ceremonies. The father, Yarden Bibas (34), was kidnapped separately from his entire family. Shiri’s parents, Margit Shnaider Silberman and Yosi Silberman, were killed during the deadly attack. Shiri and Yosi’s grandmother survived the holocaust.

The speakers shared with us their personal accounts, and the shocking stories of their loved ones still held in captivity.

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