Iran’s Nuclear Program: ​Threats Posed and JCPOA Negotiations | Exclusive Expert Panel

July 6, 2021PAST EVENT

Notwithstanding Iran’s refusal to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), talks geared towards having the United States reenter the 2015 nuclear deal are well underway.

How could Teheran’s actions impact on the negotiations in Vienna and how close are the parties to reaching an agreement?


Col. (Res.) Dr. Ori Nissim Levy – JCPOA: Old and New

Chairman of the World Nuclear Forum 193. His research focuses on policy for managing nuclear risks at a governmental level, preparations for nuclear incidents, coping during events and national rehabilitation after a nuclear event.

Prof. Aharon Friedman – The Connection Between the Islamic Republic’s Nuclear Program and Terrorism

Veteran scientist and winner of several awards. He was conducting pure and applied research and teaching in academic and governmental laboratories until 1996. At that time, he left academia and founded Fortress Technologies – a communications security company (cyber).

Lt. Col. Dr. Rafael Ofek – The Iranian Nuclear Program: Current Status and Recommendations to the Biden Administration.

Expert in nuclear physics and technology. He previously served as a senior researcher in the Israeli intelligence community.

Prof. Avi Gover – JCPOA: Core Problems and the International Community’s Struggle to Reach a New Deal

Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physical Electronics at the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University, specializing in quantum electronics and free electron lasers. He is the head of the Israeli Center for the Development of Sources and Radiation Applications at Tel Aviv and Ariel Universities.

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