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April 10, 2019PAST EVENT

On Tuesday, April 9, MediaCentral will be open for extended hours.  MediaCentral staff will be present at party headquarters in Tel Aviv and the MC office in Jerusalem as well as other locations upon request. We are happy to help with contacts, interviewees, translations and other services.

In Tel Aviv:

In Jerusalem:
  • MediaCentral Office, 7 HaRav Kook st, Jerusalem with Talia (054-658-2344).

The MediaCentral office provides a space for all journalists to work with WiFi, a place to broadcast, monitoring of the electronic media, drinks, coffee & snacks.

MediaCentral has a list of spokespeople and MKs in the various parties. For contacts including spokespeople, MKs, residents, and analysts, contact MediaCentral.

Email INFO@M-CENTRAL.ORG for resources and additional information.

For Final Results Analysis Phone Conference with Top Israeli Politics Expert, Yaron Deckel – Register HERE


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