Growing Threat and No Protection: Press Tour to the Communities Along the Northern Border Left to Fend for Themselves

January 14, 2020PAST EVENT

The killing of Iran Quds Force Commander, Qasem Soleimani, could bring Iran to seek revenge by targeting Israel, maybe through her proxy, Hezbollah, along the northern border. A staggering number of residents within the targeted communities will have no shelters to run to and nowhere to take cover.

A quarter of a million residents live within 9 km of the northern border. According to the Confrontation Forum, nearly 70,000 have no home security solutions and many more have no public shelters close by. 5 billion shekels were allocated for a protection program, but the program has yet to begin.

The Press Tour will include:

  • A Briefing by Moshe Davidovich, Chairman of the Confrontation Line Forum and Head of Mateh Asher Regional Council;
  • Briefings and meetings with community leaders, security officers and residents of Mateh Asher Regional Council, Ma’ale Yosef Regional Council and Shlomi Regional Council.
  • ​​​​Visits to shelters and other relevant locations.


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