Haredim and Israel’s Army

November 23, 2017PAST EVENT

Recently, Haredi Jews organized mass demonstrations to ensure they can continue to be exempt from military service in Israel.  Haredim are the fastest growing sector in Israel and number more than 1 million people, or about 12 percent of Israel’s 8.7 million citizens, according to the Israeli Democracy Institute. Their military exemption is highly controversial in Israel society and within Hareidi society. An increasing number of Haredim are joining the military in specific units, such as Netzach Yehuda. Other Haredim, the Jerusalem Faction, are radically opposing the draft and organizing the demonstrations and going to jail. Speakers will discuss the goals of the different movements within the Haredi society.

Speakers Include


  • Dr. Gilad Malach– director of the Ultra-Orthodox in Israel program at the Israel Democracy Institute. He helped write the Master Plan for Ultra-Orthodox Employment which were adopted as part of government policy.
  • Rabbi Tzvi Rosen – Haredi Rabbi for the Jerusalem Faction who leads demonstrations against the draft
  • Shlomo Zalman Miller – Haredi who was imprisoned for evading the draft
  • Rav Tzvi Klebanow – Rabbi and co-founder of the organization that helps Haredi soldiers join the army.

Haredim and the Israeli Army

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