Field Tour No Water To Lose – Drought in Israel – Tuesday, Nov. 20 at 9am

November 20, 2018PAST EVENT

In recent years, many countries, including Israel, have been facing severe drought due to climate change.

Although Israel stands at the forefront of desalination technology and operates the largest and most advanced wastewater treatment plant in the Middle East, its five-year drought due to climate change is a great challenge as the country’s most important bodies of water shrink.

The water level of the Sea of Galilee is currently -214.62 meters below the lower Red Line (which is -213 meters, the lake’s recommended minimum level). It is expected to descend one centimeter per day, putting the lake on a pace to descend below the Black Line of 214.87 meters (the lake’s lowest level ever recorded).

Since 2005, Israel has opened five desalination plants to save and produce more water. Today, roughly 40% of Israel’s potable water comes from desalination and is expected to hit 70% by 2050.

On the tour, we will be briefed on the different measures being taken by the government and different startup companies in order to solve this problem.

The day will include:

  • A tour of the Sorek Desalination Plant
  • A briefing by Mr. Guy Sagi – CEO of IDE Technologies
  • A tour of the Shafdan Water Treatment Plant
  • A briefing by Ms. Riki Mor – Manager of the Shafdan Water Treatment Plant
  • A briefing by Mr. Yossi Ya’akobi – Manager of WeTech– Water Technologies Accelerator (TBC)
  • Meeting with three Israeli water startup companies – UtilisMannaSupplant
  • Lunch

Bus will depart from MediaCentral Offices, 7 HaRav Kook St. at 9am sharp!

Space is limited in this tour for GPO holders
Journalists can sign up no later than Nov. 6 at 16:00!


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