Northern Israel Treasure – FIRST EVER LOOK at One of a Kind Jewelry – Tuesday, Feb. 26 at 13:15pm

February 26, 2019PAST EVENT

A new discovery in the mountains of northern Israel has caused significant excitement for geologists and the public alike. While working in the Zevulun Valley, close to Mount Carmel, Israeli mining company Shefa Yamim found an entirely new mineral never before discovered on earth.

The International Mineralogical Association regularly approves new minerals for its official list, with up to 100 new substances added to the register each year. However, this latest discovery was hailed as a significant event, as it was previously believed that this type of mineral was only found on extraterrestrial material.

This mineral remains rarer than diamonds. “Gemstone prices are usually a function of their rarity,” reported Abraham Taub, CEO of the Israeli gemstone-mining company, Shefa Yamim. When brought to the mineral market, carmeltazite will likely be significantly more expensive than diamonds. Join to see the new mineral in jewelry for the first time.

Tour attendees will be the FIRST to see the newly created jewelry.

On the schedule:

  • CEO of Shefa Yamim, Mr. Avi Taub Co-founder of Shefa Yamim. He has over 45 years’ experience in all stages of the gemstone industry, including treatment of raw diamonds, polishing and cutting at his family owned business, one of the supplier of diamonds to the illustrious Israeli diamond industry.
  • Jewelry Designer, Yossi Harari partnered with Shefa Yamim to create an exclusive jewelry collection using Shefa Yamim’s gemstones. He is one of the most famed, trendsetting craftsmen whose 24k gold pieces line the shelves of prestigious retailers, such as Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, and adorn high-profile and celebrity clients.
  • Gemologist
  • The first time the jewelry will be on display
  • A piece of the raw material
  • Dr. Gila Gavrielov, Gemologist with a PhD in Behavioral Science and Gemology

Bus will leave from MediaCentral’s, 7 HaRav Kook st., at 12:00pm promptly

For transportation from Tel-Aviv, please contact Talia – 054-6582344 

The event will take place 6 Kaf-Tet Benovember Street, Ramat Ha-Sharon

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