Cyber Ping-Pong Between Israel and Iran – Where Could This Go? Analysis With Head of the Cyber Security Program at INSS Colonel (Res.) Gabi Siboni

May 21, 2020PAST EVENT
Earlier today the Israel National Cyber Directorate announced that a host of Israeli websites were hacked in a suspected Iranian cyber-attack. This comes after alleged back and forth cyber-attacks in the last couple of weeks.

Colonel (Res.) Gabi Siboni will discuss the concerning developments, the steps Israel might take to prevent future Iranian cyber-attacks and other related issues.

Colonel (Res.) Gabi Siboni heads the Military and Strategic Affairs Program and Cyber Security Program at INSS, and is editor of the journal “Cyber, Intelligence, and Security”. Colonel (res.) Siboni served as the chief of staff of the Golani Brigade. He is also a professor at the University of Francisco de Vittoria in Madrid, where he serves as deputy director of the Cyber Security Management program and head of Academic and Technological Research.

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