Chaos in Lebanon: Could it Have An Effect On Israel? With Lt. Colonel (ret.) Orna Mizrachi (INSS) and Dr. Aiman Mansour (JISS)

July 27, 2020PAST EVENT

Lebanon’s political and economic situation is worsening with every passing day. Following reports of attempts to cross the border into Israel, what are the chances that other desperate Lebanese will follow? And how could the situation on the northern front effect Israel?

Lt. Colonel (ret.) Orna Mizrahi and Dr. Aiman Mansour will discuss the worrying developments, Hezbollah’s connection and other related issues.

Lt. Colonel (ret.) Orna Mizrahi is a senior research fellow at the INSS, specializing in the Lebanese arena. She served in the IDF for 26 years, where she was a deputy national security adviser for foreign policy, and led strategic planning on regional and international policy on behalf of the NSC for the prime minister and the Israeli cabinet.

Dr. Aiman Mansour is an expert on inter-Arab politics, the northern front, and regional strategy. For over a decade, he served on the National Security Council and in the Prime Minister’s Office in various posts, the last being head of the Middle East and Africa Division

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