Biggest Iftar, End of Ramadan Event, in Israel “Ramadan for Peace” Festival Wed, June 13, at 16:30

June 13, 2018PAST EVENT

Only 22km from the Gaza border, SodaStream, an Israeli manufacturing company, is hosting the biggest Iftar, end of Ramadan event, in the state of Israel. Over 2,000 participants, including factory workers, heads of local authorities and ambassadors are expected to attend. There will be a senior delegation from the Turkish Embassy and ambassadors from Canada, Austria, Georgia, Colombia, Paraguay, Ecuador, Russia, The Philippines, and Panama.


18:00 Guests will fly white kites attached to an olive branch with the writing “peace” in three languages Hebrew, Arabic and English to Gaza.
Video greeting from the President of Israel, Reuven “Ruvi” Rivlin, will be played.
19:15 Opening remarks and greetings.
19:50 The fast-breaking meal for Eid al-Fitr.
20:40 “Connect Religions” – a performance of a group of children (50 Arab and Jewish) and of the singers Sa’id Sarbi and Bat Ela, a Muslim and a Jew respectively.

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