Bahrain Workshop Aftermath Meeting with Ashraf Jabari, Head of Palestinian delegation to Bahrain and Ashraf Al-Ghanem, CEO of Al-Ghanem Furniture Co.

July 2, 2019PAST EVENT

The “Peace to Prosperity” workshop took place in Manama, Bahrain last week. During the workshop, Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to US President Donald Trump launched the Middle East Economic Peace Plan.

A Palestinian delegation of businessmen headed by Ashraf Al-Jabari, head of the Palestinian Businessmen Forum in Hebron attended the event. The group included 15 businessmen, among them  Ashraf Al-Ghanem, CEO of the Al-Ghanem Furniture company in Hebron. Ashraf Al-Ghanem’s home was raided by PA security forces who confiscated his personal materials and caused damage in his home. He is currently under the threat of being arrested at any time.

MediaCentral is pleased to be hosting three Palestinian businessmen for a joint briefing who attended the Bahrain Workshop to share their perspective and the impact of the workshop on private Palestinian businesses and economy.

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