Are Fourth Elections Inevitable? National Unity Government, One Month In With Dr. Osnat Akirav

June 18, 2020PAST EVENT

One month ago, the Netanyahu-Gantz unity government was sworn in. Since then, the political waters have become increasingly choppy: plans of annexation/sovereignty, wrangling between government ministers, seismic shifts in Likud’s and Blue & White’s respective popularity, and a possible high court intervention. As a result of these dramatic developments, are a fourth round of elections likely?

It’s only been a month, but there’s so much to discuss. Dr. Osnat Akirav will deep dive into the current state of Israel’s ruling coalition, and analyze the possible scenarios.

Dr. Osnat Akirav heads the Research Department of Political Science at the Western Galilee College. Her research focuses on the Israeli political system, legislative studies, candidate selection methods, local government, minorities and politics, research methods, gender and politics and the advancement of women in politics.

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