Israel’s Do-Over 2019 elections: Making Sense of the Political Chaos w/ One of Israel’s Most Influential Journalists – Amit Segal – Wednesday, August 21 at 10AM

August 21, 2019PAST EVENT

The upcoming Israeli elections for the 22nd Knesset, were called under unprecedented political circumstances. Israelis will head to the polls on September 17.

Constantly changing political realities, combined with the likelihood of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu being indicted have brought Israeli voters into unchartered waters.

Amit Segal, one of Israel’s most influential journalists, will analyze the unprecedented second round of elections and elaborate at the possible outcomes.

Amit Segal Has been covering the political field since 2002. He is the chief political correspondent and commentator for Channel 12 News, and for Yediot Aharonot Newspaper. In the past ,he worked as a media and parliamentary correspondent for IDF (military) Radio and Channel 2.
He has a bachelor’s degree in law from the Hebrew University and an MSc in Public policy from University College London. Recently he started working on his PhD thesis in the Hebrew University, researching the subject of prisoner- swap deals in Israel.


Event will take place at at MediaCentral’s office – 7, HaRav Kook Street, Jerusalem

Israel's Do-Over 2019 elections: Making Sense of the Political Chaos w/ One of Israel's Most Influential Journalists - Amit Segal

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