Amid American Pressure: Is Israel Choosing Sides in Chinese-American Conflict? With Dr. Shira Efron of INSS

May 27, 2020PAST EVENT

The Israeli government announced the selection of IDE Technologies to build “Sorek 2”, the world’s largest desalination plant.

One of the bidders for the project was an affiliate of Hutchison, a Hong Kong-based  Company. According to media reports, the decision was related to US Secretary of State Pompeo’s visit, and the American pressure to stop Chinese involvement in Israeli infrastructure projects.

Dr. Shira Efron will analyze Israel’s decisions and their possible implications on Its relations with China and the US.

Dr. Shira Efron is a visiting fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) and a Special Advisor on Israel with the RAND Corporation. Her research focus is U.S. policy toward the Middle East, including on Israel’s evolving ties with China. Dr. Efron specializes in policy analysis, research, and planning methods that can be applied in a variety of contexts. Her studies on Israel-China relations were featured in Israeli and international media outlets.

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