Ahmadiyyah, a Muslim Community in Haifa

February 6, 2018PAST EVENT
Ahmadiyya, officially, the “Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” is a small Muslim community in Israel, estimated to be 1% of the Muslim community worldwide, with 2,200 adherents in Israel. The Ahmadiyya  community in Israel began in 1924 when  Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad and a number of missionaries visited the Middle East from India and built a mosque here in 1931. The first converts to the movement belonged to the Odeh tribe on Mount Carmel. The adherents settled in Kababir in the 1950 and built a larger Mahmood Mosque in the 1980s.

The tour will focus on the Ahmadiyyah’s faith, culture, coexistence, and interactions with Israeli society.

Tour will include:

  • Tour of Kababir neighborhood including the Mosque and library with Mu’ath Odeh, spokesman of the community
  • Meeting with Emir of the Community, Mohammad Sharif Odeh
  • Screening a short film about the community
  • Lunch at the community center

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