With Gantz’ Deadline Approaching and Liebrman’s Dramatic Announcement, What Will the Next 21 Days Look Like? With Dr. Yonatan Freeman

November 20, 2019PAST EVENT
Head of Blue and White, Benny Gantz’ mandate to form a coalition, expires at midnight, and amid failed attempts to form a unity government, Head of Israel Beiteinu, Avigdor Liberman, held a dramatic conference, in which he stated that Israel is headed towards a third round of elections, blaming both Head of Likud, Netanyahu and Gantz. I.e. Israeli Beiteinu will not join any minority government.
In light of recent developments, what can we expect in the next 21 days?Dr. Yonatan Freeman of the Political Science Dept. at the Hebrew University  will discuss the significance of Liberman’s announcement and the different options for the unprecedented coming days.

Dr. Yonatan Freeman is a member of Hebrew University’s Political Science Dept. and lectures on diverse areas related to Israeli politics, national security, civil-military relations and Israel’s relations with the world.

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