Arab Party to Run in Jerusalem’s Municipal Election with Dr. Ramadan Dabash, Head of Arab List Thursday, July 12, at 12pm

July 12, 2018PAST EVENT

Jerusalem municipal elections are scheduled for 30 October 2018. Voters will determine who will represent them on the city council.

Since the Six-Day War, residents of Eastern Jerusalem have boycotted the municipal elections, claiming that voting meant recognition of Israeli occupation and control of the city. Previously, Palestinians tried to run in the municipal elections, but withdrew from the race after being threatened or had their cars torched. Recently the PLO repeated its call on the Arabs in Jerusalem to boycott the upcoming elections. However, a new Palestinian political party, “Jerusalem for Jerusalemites” is determined to run in this election.

Dr. Ramadan Dabash, a community leader from Tzur Baher (Mukhtar), heads the twenty two member list, which consists of representatives of several Arab neighborhoods in the city. The list members say that they want to be a voice for the Arab population in the Jerusalem municipal council.Dr. Dabash and two other candidates will address the list’s platform and their participation in the upcoming elections.

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